Anti-Art School

8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. second Tue. of every month
Lost Leaf
914 N. 5th St. Phoenix, AZ

Price: $7

Courtesy of Anti-Art School

Human beings are voyeuristic by nature. That’s the beauty of seeing a film with long close up shots, we can observe from a distance without the risk of a rebuke for staring too long. The same applies to life drawing -- the artist gets to study his or her subject in an intimate setting for hours. In college, it may have been a little awkward to see your classmates pose nude, but the human body is a fascinating subject. Anti-Art School offers a different spin on the practice by featuring costumed and tattooed models in a group art session that is part art class and part cocktail party. Whether your medium is pencil or paint, artists of all skill levels are welcome to attend.

Test your mettle at Anti-Art School at The Lost Leaf, 914 North 5th Street on Tuesday, July 7. Admission to this 21-and-over event is $7. Call 602-258-0014 or visit www.facebook.com/phoenixlifedrawing.

Melissa Fossum

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Lost Leaf

914 N. 5th St. Phoenix, AZ

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