Girls' Night Out

8:00 p.m. every Wed.
Blue Martini Lounge
5455 E. High St., #101 Phoenix, AZ

Price: No cover for ladies

Ladies and the Drinks
Melissa Fossum

The “Shit Girls Say” YouTube video has long occupied the land of tired memes. But you have to admit that a lot of what those boys-as-girls had to say about girls was scarily accurate. And, as much as we hate to admit it, Dane Cook's joke about girls going out and just wanting to dance away their worries is pretty spot on, too. Sometimes you just have to embrace the stereotypes if you want to be your true self, and Girls’ Night Out at Blue Martini, 5455 East High Street, helps Valley ladies do just that. Gather up the girls for a weekly night of ultra-girly martini drinks, dancing, and designer giveaways. On Wednesday, January 16, starting at 8 p.m. the bar will be giving away Paparazzi Jewelry to a few lucky ladies, while others suck down discounted drinks. Dudes are still allowed, so let’s work out some sort of system. Wear black if you want to be hit on. Wear red if you want them to eff off.

By Christina Caldwell



Blue Martini Lounge

5455 E. High St. Phoenix, AZ