Retro Recreation

4:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. every Wed.
The Duce
525 S. Central Phoenix, AZ

Price: No cover

Throwback Wednesday
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While Americans' obsession with all things vintage and nostalgia-inducing can get grating, when it comes to chilling at The Duce, we are totally on board. When it opened in 2010, the warehouse district hangout instantly became a Phoenix hotspot, thanks to its retro flair. The bar/store/athletic facility feels like Cracker Barrel opened a boxing gym – with a little less kitsch and way less collectible dolls. On any given Wednesday, guests can square off in the ring, engage in rousing rounds of shuffleboard and foosball, and simultaneously sip on a beautifully crafted cocktail. All of the above are encouraged during Retro Recreation, a weekly event boasting ping pong, classic movie screenings, and Duce Bag, the bar’s take on cornhole. (It isn't nearly as dirty as it sounds.)

By Melissa Fossum

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The Duce

525 S. Central Phoenix, AZ

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