Other Canine Casualties

Cape Fear--De Niro poisons pooch

Cujo--St. Bernard catches rabies, terrorizes people, dies gruesomely

Dances With Wolves--Dog killed by evil Pawnee; wolf Two Socks killed by evil white soldiers

Desperate Living--Dog run over by lesbians on crime spree

Eye for an Eye--Dog doused with hot coffee by Kiefer Sutherland

A Fish Called Wanda--Three terriers dispatched: one snatched by big black snarling dog, one run over, one crushed by falling box

Jaws--Dog plays fetch, becomes great white's catch

Lady in a Cage--Dog run over in opening titles to set the film's tone

Mondo Cane--Documentary about dining on dog meat

My Life As a Dog--Dog "sent away," troubled youngster eventually assumes dog's identity, barking in Swedish subtitles

National Lampoon's Vacation--Aunt's pooch dragged behind Griswold station wagon on cross-country trek

Rear Window--Sweet little dog dies mysteriously; his owner wails to neighbors, "Did you kill him because he liked you?"

Theatre of Blood--Robert Morley unwittingly eats his beloved poodles, à la Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus

Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice?--Dog endures beatings and an attempted burning by Geraldine Page

Where the Red Fern Grows--Irish setter killed by puma; its heartbroken mate goes on fatal hunger strike

--M. V. Moorhead


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