Patricia Escarcega

Dick's Hideaway

The family of New Mexico-leaning eateries and drinkeries along 16th Street is a treasured standby of the Phoenix dining scene. But within the Richardson's Restaurants family — which also includes Richardson's itself and The Rokerij — the inconspicuous Dick's Hideaway is a cut above. It's the type of place where you'll need divine intervention to find seats for a party of five or above on a Friday night, but the crowd is due to the excellent menu and bar program. Dinner options include the Taos Tenderloin, the New Mexican platter, and a green chile burger, while the bar cranks out pristine bloody marys and margaritas, and wine options known citywide. But the best thing about Dick's Hideaway is its size — it is small. (Seated at the bar, you can almost feel the heat from the nearby open-flame grill.) And better keep your maps app fired up till you know you're in the right place; there is no sign. New Normal: Seating is limited inside this petite eatery, but curbside is also available.

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