Fort McDowell Casino

10424 N. Fort McDowell Rd.
Fort Mcdowell, AZ 85264
Best Of
With 23 different games of keno running every five minutes (including the super-competitive Speed Keno, where guests play 100 games for ten cents apiece, all at once—really!), it’s no wonder this is every small-time gambler’s favorite haunt. Fort McDowell Casino’s state-of-the-art bingo hall is a player's paradise, what with its spacious smoking and non-smoking areas, speedy tableside food service and free beverages while you play. Prefer pinochle? The luxurious Card Room offers no-limit poker tournaments every day at noon and each night at 7, with tableside bar service and a prize pool for the top 10 winners. Twenty-four hour, Vegas-style blackjack and enough slot machines to choke a mule (775 of them, to be exact) means more games for you—and a greater likelihood that you’ll join this popular Scottsdale casino’s Winner’s Circle.

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