Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building IV

781 E. Terrace Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85287

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  • Sci-Fi TV Dinner
    10 months ago by Becky Bartkowski

    Dinner and a movie? So passé. Thank Zorp for ASU's Center for Science and Imagination (seriously a thing), because its recurring Sci-Fi TV Dinner events breathe life -- bionic, alien, or otherwise -- into the stale date night...

  • Science Fiction TV Dinner: Dollhouse
    1 year ago by Katie Johnson

    You are traveling to another screening, a screening not only of sight and sound but of mind... Next stop, the Science Fiction TV Dinner. This dinner and a show hosted by ASU's Project Humanities and Center for Science and the Imagin...

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    Meet Me Downtown If you like to do fun-runs but think they're too expensive, Meet Me Downtown. If you wish you had more folks to exercise with, Meet Me Downtown. If you'd enjoy walking or running a three- to five-mile course through...

  • 5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week
    2 years ago by Phoenix New Times

    Center for Meteorite Studies Collection So you got a rock on your finger? Big deal. This season we're skipping the engagement photos and looking at the big picture: outer space. Home to the largest university-based meteorite collect...

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