Mesa Community College

1833 W. Southern
Mesa, AZ 85202


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    1 year ago by Katie Johnson

    Put down the hammer and step away from the piggy bank. Hitting the scene doesn't mean hitting all your favorite ceramic knickknacks to pieces. From gem shows to block parties and Sunday a'fairs, here are our top three picks for keep...

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    With every new technology we invent, the Star Trek universe seems more and more realistic. Tons of futuristic technologies (tablets, Skype, Blueetooth) are now just mundane parts of our daily lives. On the other hand, we’re no...

  • Floral Arrangement
    3 years ago by Becky Bartkowski

    Roses are... Well, you know, they aren't always red. They come in all sorts of shades. For empirical evidence, head to The Rose Garden at Mesa Community College, where consulting rosarians and master gardeners lead tours through the...

  • Rock Steady
    3 years ago by Becky Bartkowski

    Many have sought the bounty of gold rumored to be hidden in a mine at Lost Dutchman State Park, but the treasure never has turned up. Folks who attend the 41st Flagg Gem and Mineral Show might be tempted to mount their own search. O...

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