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  • 3 Free Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week
    1 year ago by Katie Johnson

    If you started from the bottom and you're still not on top, don't sweat it. Whether you're well to do or hard up, there's plenty of opportunities for on-the-house events in the Valley. From outdoor movie screenings and poetry readin...

  • 3 Free Events in Metro Phoenix This Week
    2 years ago by Katie Johnson

    Rise and shine, free birds. This week there's plenty of opportunities to spread your wigs while keeping your nest egg safe. From alien life forms to cowboy line dancing and surviving the great outdoors, here are three free events to...

  • Five Must-Attend Lectures in Phoenix This February
    3 years ago by Becky Bartkowski

    You. You think you're sooo smart. Know what, genius? So are a bunch of other folks in town. Take in their theories as they pontificate on such subjects as superheros, hiking, and UFOs this February. It's mind-expanding stuff, and it...

  • Five Must-Attend Lectures in Phoenix This December
    3 years ago by Becky Bartkowski

    All right, smarty pants, you think you've got a handle on all things brainy? We've got news for you: The Valley's rife with all sorts of experts who dabble in arts, sciences, and everything in between. And those pros offer up their ...

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