Scottsdale Stadium

7408 E. Osborn Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Best Of
A couple of key elements make Scottsdale Stadium just a little bit better than most Spring Training stadiums. Start with grass in the outfield and a nice view of the mountains from the seats. Mix in the fact that it's located in the heart of downtown Scottsdale, walking distance from dozens of bars, restaurants (we like to eat off our beer buzz at Los Olivos, which is only a block away) and hotels. So though you might pay a little more for your seat in Scottsdale, you can take comfort in knowing you're paying for the best. And the VIP area here has its own little scene going on. It may have pretty much nothing to do with watching baseball, but it's fun. It will cost a bit more, too — unless you're tricky.

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