Jamie Peachey

Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor

Jamie Peachey
Pretty much everyone in town knows about this perennial favorite's magnificent ice cream treats; after all, they've been around nearly a half century. Who hasn't had a three-scoop Camelback Soda, with pineapple mint ice cream and a side of soda water? But if you haven't also had one of Sugar Bowl's delicious salads or sandwiches, head to Scottsdale Road at once, because you've missed out. Check out the Chicado, a giant portion of turkey salad with avocado and tomato wedges and a side of homemade nut bread. When we're less hungry and feeling a little fancy, we order the tea sandwiches; for a heartier lunch, we go for the cheese-topped chili and the yummy-fresh turkey, corned beef, and Swiss cheese sandwich, served with Thousand Island dressing. Do we really need to mention that we always save room for dessert?

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