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Al-Hana Restaurant at Baiz Market

523 N. 20th St. Phoenix, AZ 85006 | Central Phoenix | 602-252-8996

Location Description:

This tiny restaurant is basically a sectioned-off corner of Baiz Market, a Middle Eastern grocery store tucked away on a residential stretch of 20th Street, between Van Buren and Roosevelt. But despite the unlikely location, the place draws a steady, diverse stream of customers. Step up to the counter to order a tasty shish taook plate or a hefty shawarma sandwich, and don't be surprised to see the cook pulling a long tray of freshly baked pita out of the oven. After gorging on hummus, be sure to make a pilgrimage to the dessert mecca at back of the store, where there's shelf after shelf of Middle Eastern pastries - everything from sticky, honey-drenched baklava, to neat squares of namoura (cake) topped with nuts, to maamoul (filled cookies) dusted in confectioner's sugar.

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  • Cuisine(s): Middle Eastern
  • Hours: Daily 9am-6:30pm
  • Price: $
  • Serving: Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
  • Alcohol: None
  • Reservations: Not Accepted
  • Parking: Lot Available
  • Payment Types: MasterCard, Visa, cash
  • Features: Takeout

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