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Arizona Museum For Youth

35 N. Robson Mesa, AZ 85201 | Mesa | 480-644-2467

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When it was founded in 1980 the Arizona Museum for Youth was the only childrens museum in the United States dedicated specifically to fine art. The museum was the dream of philanthropists Jack and John Whiteman and has become a place for Valley residents to introduce children to the world of art and discover self-expression. Exhibits at the museum include both traditional art displays and participatory components that allow children to explore the fine arts as well as their own creativity. The museum is housed inside what used to be a grocery store and one exhibit, Artville, is a mini-sized art-focused town for kids. The museum gift shop is also a great place to find affordable gifts for kids including a variety of books, educational toys and more.

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The Arizona Museum for Youth [AMY] provides art education through creative play and seeks to instill a passion for lifelong learning in art and art appreciation through self-expression, hands-on learning, and participant-centered programs.