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Arizona Pop Culture Experience

21001 N. Tatum Blvd., Ste 36-1310 Phoenix, AZ 85050 | North Phoenix | 480-515-4376

Location Description:

At the Desert Ridge Marketplace kids and comic nerds can find paradise at the Arizona Popular Culture Expereince, crammed full of every sort of popular culture memorabilia. In the front room, you'll find rooms filled from floor to ceiling with figurines from Star Wars, Star Trek, Indian Jones and Doctor Who, as well as screen-worn costumes from Stargate and Caprica. Upstairs houses a labyrinth of racks holding plastic figurines of sports heroes, rock n' rollers and G.I. Joes. The entire collection belongs to Valley resident John Edwards, who's been collecting these and similar items since 1966. He created the museum to promote education and creativity and every where you look in the museum you'll find colorful boxes of figures, posters and more. Admission costs $5 a person though children ages six to 17 are $3 when accompanied by an adult.

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