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Babe's Cabaret

2011 N. Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85257 | South Scottsdale | 480-947-9909

Location Description:

Crimson red, a shade that’s perpetually intertwined with lust, drenches the almost the entirety of Babe’s Cabaret interior, from its silken tapestries to the all-leather seating ringing the place. It summons thoughts of the sumptuous 19th century Parisian depravity of the Moulin Rogue while and seems to add an extra bit of ooh-la-la licentiousness of this south Scottsdale showclub. Babe’s array of ultra-buxom bombshells always seem to put that extra bit of effort into their jobs, whether its involves amping their already energetic routines on either the dual stages or seeming actually interested in genuine conversation with potential clientele before launching into a private dance sales pitch. (And no, it’s not just wishful thinking on our part.) But if they win over your hearts and wallets enough for a lap dance, expect to be playfully led to the largish VIP parlor in the back hidden from prying eyes by curtains.

Business Description

Babe's Cabaret offers a discreet and intimate atmosphere for high-end adult entertainment. Babe's Cabaret caters to all customers with VIP service. Babe's Cabaret specializes in group gatherings, private parties, bachelor/bachelorette celebrations, spring training festivities, birthdays and anniversaries. All over the age of 21 are welcome -- so come experience an extraordinary night with us here at Babe's Cabaret.