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Baiz Market

523 N. 20th St. Phoenix, AZ 85006 | Central Phoenix | 602-252-8996

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Perhaps the best place in the Valley to go for Middle Eastern groceries, this Central Phoenix market features aisles filled spices, olive oils, freshly made pita bread, produce, and meats. As far as non-perishables go, there's a wide array of compact discs by Middle Eastern musical acts and an impressive selection of hookah pipes and shish (flavored tobaccos). If you're hungry after shopping, be sure to pop into the market's in-house eatery, Al Hana, for shish taook and delicious shwarma sandwiches.

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Baiz is the largest diverse market in all of the Southwest. We have the freshest and finest products with remarkable low prices. We are a family-owned market. Our goal is to provide our customers with farm-fresh products and give them a feeling of being at home. We strive to have long-lasting relationship with our shoppers and we make sure that your shopping experience is everything that you want it to be. From our family business to your family table, we hope you enjoy what we have to offer.