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Billet Bar & Paradise Patio - Closed

3752 N. Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | Central Scottsdale | 480-941-1876

Location Description:

Formerly known as the Billet Bar, Bar 350 still retains some of its weekend-warrior motorbike charm while nodding seriously at its future as a chic Scottsdale dance spot. The front bar is lined with plated steel, and the booths are still adorned with rising-hellfire moldings. But in back, the dancing girls, Ludacris on the DJ's laptop, and fashionable dudes and gals on the dance floor show that even if the new management likes the old biker vibe, it has other plans, too. "Old Town's New Dive Bar" features requisites like pool, darts, and other games but offers hookah and plenty of dancing space. Patrons expecting Billet Bar's Sons of Anarchy motif can still feel at home, but the Nissan parked in the "motorcycle parking only" spot out front means the clientele will be pleasantly mixed.