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Darwin's Waiting Room Bar & Grill - Closed

3623 E. Indian School Road Phoenix, AZ 85018 | East Phoenix | 602-952-6744

Location Description:

Sporting one of the more unique bar names in the Valley, Darwin's is housed in a strip mall just a few doors down from a Zipps Sports Grill and the Dilly Dally. With its windows and menus sporting a rather amusing caricature of the famed English naturalist (with his head grafted on a monkey's body, natch), it serves up classic bar food along with around a half-dozen domestics and imports on tap. The spacious room, complete with movie and rock 'n' roll décor, houses several booths, a lengthy bar, a pool table, and a stage -- perfect for groups of young good-timers or neighboring bar spillover to get vocal during the popular karaoke nights or rock out on the weekends with live music from local bands. Overall, its hospitable vibe makes it a "natural selection" for an evening of drinking and dining.