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Golden Valley

8115 N. 19th Ave., #A101 Phoenix, AZ 85021 | North Phoenix | 602-861-4055

Location Description:

This inexpensive, casual place serving Uzbek and Mediterranean cuisine in North Phoenix is the effort of three former natives of Uzbekistan. Most of the Mediterranean food is done better elsewhere, but the distinctive flavors of the landlocked country in Central Asia are a dining journey worth experiencing and many dishes can be shared. Don’t miss the signature Uzbek rice dish palov, stuffed dough creations like manti and samsa, and lagman soup, made with housemade egg noodles. Décor touches such as shimmering rose curtains, scalloped white tablecloths, and gleaming silver trays that hold condiments as well as a single pack of gum express a strong tradition of homespun hospitality.

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