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H.B. Hanratty's Pub

537 E. Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ 85012 | Central Phoenix | 602-274-3067

Location Description:

Just who is H.B. Hanratty? Ask any of the regulars at this Camelback Road mainstay -- from the businesslike barkeeps pouring dollar shots, to the curious-but-shy locals -- and you'll likely get shrugs, blank stares, or exclamations of "Who cares? Just have a beer." Billed as a "place for serious drinkers," this old-timey pub (which features perfect pool tables, old-school darts, a modest kitchen, and a slightly Western feel) fancies itself a hangout for neighborhood types, service industry folks who can show their pay stubs for a free drink, and Ohio State University alumni that take over Hanratty's on big game weekends.

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