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Kiwanis Recreation Center

6111 S. All-America Way Tempe, AZ 85283 | Tempe | 480-350-5201

Location Description:

We give extra props to this Tempe outdoor facility because of everything around it — tennis and volleyball courts and shaded picnic areas for starters. Located in the 125 acre Kiwanis Park, the rec center's other amenities include indoor wave pool, fitness center, gymnasium, corporate ramada area and classrooms. Since almost all outdoor activities must be done at night during the Arizona summer -- if you want to avoid being miserable -- it's a good thing the 15 tennis courts at Kiwanis Park in Tempe have lights, which stay on until 10 p.m. Of course, even summer nights here are hot, so you'll probably still work up a sweat. That's no problem if you're playing at Kiwanis, because the tennis courts are located right next to the community pool.

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Business Description

The Kiwanis Park Recreation Center is a beautiful 54,000 square foot complex that is owned and operated by the City of Tempe. Facility amenities include an indoor wave pool, fitness center, gymnasium, corporate ramada area, classrooms and a 15-court tennis center. The facility is located in the 125 acre Kiwanis Park.