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Mateo's Cantina

5508 N. 7th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85013 | Central Phoenix | 602-242-4252

Location Description:

Bumping and thumping with Latin beats and boasting a festive atmosphere four nights a week, Mateo's is like the rowdier brother of its adjacent sister restaurant Sylvia's La Canasta. Decked out with a colorful cornucopia of Chicano artwork, Spanish colonial décor, and unique antiques, this lounge-like party playground offers live entertainment and more than two-dozen different tequilas. During the daytime, specials on Mexican brews are offered while both fútbol and football are broadcast on numerous televisions. On Fridays, the place becomes the stomping ground for local office workers looking to loosen up their ties, kick off their heels, and enjoy the fun of happy hour. As dusk draws the day into night, however, the nightlife starts to arrive, including guys dressed in sharper duds and ladies clad in clingier club clothing. DJs begin pumping the sound system full of old school, hip-hop, merengue, and cumbia hits, and the dance floor begins generating a serious buzz of activity as patrons shake their collective moneymakers all night.