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Phoenix Rock Gym

1353 E. University Drive Tempe, AZ 85281 | Tempe | 480-921-8322

Location Description:

Rock climbing is a perishable skill. Thankfully, each time we find ourselves in too pathetic a state, we have the Phoenix Rock Gym to help with the necessary repairs. The two bouldering areas, including an upstairs room with sharply overhanging walls, are perfect for muscle-building and fingertip-hardening. Once we get back in shape, we usually can then find a partner who'll be willing to belay us on the 30-foot faces of the gym's main walls. Despite its friendly ambiance, the Valley's oldest rock gym has a hard side — we've ripped skin there, tweaked a limb on the lead wall, and worked our forearms until our hands could barely close. But it's all good. For inspiration, we look to the teens and tweens of Team Thrashers, the competitive climbing outfit that trains at the PRG under the tutelage of coach Jeremy Cox.

Business Description

Experience the vertical world of climbing as never before, indoors at the Phoenix Rock Gym. Explore our 30 foot high walls with more than 15,000 sq. ft. of climbing surface. No experience is necessary. Even if you've never touched a rope in your life, we will teach you the skills needed to climb safely. All you need is your sense of adventure. If you already have your own climbing gear, bring it, otherwise rentals are available. The ropes are already hanging, so all you need to do is tie-in and climb. Our large, 2-level bouldering area is great for warm-ups and warm-downs or entire work-outs. We have 56 top-ropes with everything from easy cruisin' routes to overhanging arm blasters. Faces, cracks, aretes, chimneys and more. The Phoenix Rock Gym offers you a place to have fun while improving your climbing skills and increasing your strength. The routes are changed frequently so you'll always find something new to test your skills. The Phoenix Rock Gym is the place to climb. We've got the environment, equipment, and the expertise to get you climbing. So, no matter what your age or experience, come on over and enjoy the thrill, excitement, and challenge of climbing.