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5555 N. 7th St., # 100 Phoenix, AZ 85014 | Central Phoenix | 602-264-5411

Location Description:

Pomeroy's is a straightforward dive, good for long nights of casual drinking with no sniveling allowed, as per the sign hanging prominently on one wall. Walk into this darkened drinking den on any given night and witness regulars huddled together in groups of three or four, swapping stories, trading jokes, and sucking down $2.75 pints of PBR and Rolling Rock. Hang out long enough and they might just invite you to join the revelry, challenge you to a game of pool, or encourage carving something into the long wooden bar that's littered with names, random phrases, and curse words. The whip-smart barkeeps don't seem to mind it when patrons make their mark, though they seemingly maintain control over any rabble-rousers. They'll also serve you plenty of greasy-but-good cuisine that's available from the kitchen - try the green chili burritos and the joint's signature grilled cheese sandwich - food that's perfect for soaking up any excess alcohol.

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