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901 N. 4th St. Phoenix, AZ 85004 | Central Phoenix | 602-795-1792

Location Description:

Catering to the more arty and fashion-conscious, drop-in-then-drive-out crowd of downtown Phoenix, ReBar is the latest effort from the crew behind Fez and Switch. The joint's shared patio with adjacent eatery Bliss (when you arrive, be sure to hang a left to get to the bar) is a big draw, as are its top-shelf drink selections. Tree coverage and a unique outdoor bar made from actual rebar (hence the establishment's name) in the shape of a sprouting palm offer both shade and a surprising amount of coziness. Meanwhile, the inside bar jams on Top 40 hits and slings out handcrafted cocktails in martini glasses alongside house wine blends. Time your visits well, as the west-facing patio and surrounding vacant lots can make for some intense sunsets. Or maybe it's just another reason to order another lavender-and-grapefruit-infused Passionately Purple martini. And if you're looking for the restroom, head straight back to that big green wall and keep an eye out for what looks like a secret door, or the crowd of people waiting outside it.

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