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Shooter's World

3828 N. 28th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85017 | West Phoenix | 602-266-2600

Location Description:

Got an itchy trigger finger, ace? The high-caliber staff at Shooter's World knows just how to scratch it. If you're not packing your own piece, this west-side pistol palace can let you exercise your Second Amendment rights with firearm rentals available for $10 for the first handgun, $6 for each rental after that (shooters must be 18 and over to rent rifles and shotguns; 21 and over to rent handguns). Once you're locked and loaded, take aim in any of the facility's 24 indoor lanes, which are available for $14 per hour, per person, and are perfect for you to play Dirty Harry with the three kinds of targets available. If you don't like the standard bull's eye or silhouette targets, try taking aim at a photo target of your choosing, including that rat bastard Osama bin Laden, a menacing mugger, and even a little old lady wielding a shotgun.

Business Description

Make the best choice in the Valley when shopping for firearms. Shooter's World is one of the leading AZ gun dealers. We have two locations in town and the West Valley which are convenient whether coming from Scottsdale, Peoria or anywhere in between. Both big stores offer a huge selection of guns, weapons, accessories and ammunition for purchase. Shooters love us for our big selection of pistols, rifles, firearm sales and ammo. We also boast the best of the best indoor Phoenix shooting ranges (more than 20 beautiful air-conditioned lanes at each location) plus outdoor training courses. Handguns and protective gear (ears and eyes) are available to rent during your time on the lane. You can come to perfect your skills on your own time or take a class and get professional gun instruction. We offer a large variety of shooter training and gun classes including concealed carry permit (CCW classes), women's, children's, defensive pistol, combat handgun, NRA instructor certification and many more. When you are coming to shop, our knowledgeable staff is great to talk with. They will make sure you get all your questions answered and have enough information to make the best decisions before buying. Whether you are looking for some serious personal protection, fun and entertaining target play, or specialized tactical training, Shooter's World is the only place you will need to visit. Come check us out! You'll never want to shoot and shop anywhere else.