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The Paper Studio

520 E. Southern Ave. Tempe, AZ 85282 | Tempe | 480-557-5700

Location Description:

Aside from being a scrapbook lover's dream The Paper Store in Tempe has the sort of inspiration arts and craft supplies that make even the least artistic person you know want to get elbow-deep in glitter, glue and paper. They have every type of scrapbook paper you could need to immortalize that trip to Hawaii or your dog's first birthday. Country chic? Yup. Cuddly cats? You bet. They also have all the buttons, ribbons, jewelry trays and embellishments to take your project from “alright” to “all-star.” If you need a little more than just supplies (like, knowledge, for example?) you can also sign up for one of their classes. The can teach you basics as well as more complicated skills, like letterpress. Venture in at your own risk, though, because we can't get out of there with out dropping a pretty penny on new goods.