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The Quincy - Closed

1321 E. McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85006 | Central Phoenix | 480-559-9283

Location Description:

Gaining access to this clandestine crib is something of an experience, to say the least. Wander down the fragrant alleyway behind Rainbow Donuts while dodging broken appliances and upended trashcans and you'll eventually stumble upon a gate made from cyclone fencing. Just beyond is a dirt lot filled with cars and old classroom furniture and a rear entrance marked only by a white sign bearing a bright red "Q." It's all part of the fun of attending an under-the-radar dance party at the CenPho studio of photographer Quincy Ross. Hipster DJs like Jared Alan and Djentrification hold after-hours performances inside the no-frills venue that's decorated with streamers, graf art, and paintings by local artists. Be careful not to twist an ankle on the journey inside, or you'll miss out on all the dancing.

Best of Award Recipient