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Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery - Closed

1910 S. Gilbert Road Mesa, AZ 85204 | Mesa | 480-507-5458

Location Description:

Easy on both the eyes and the wallet, Tilted Kilt offers a sexy spin on two well-loved styles of bar. The Kilt is sports bars and Irish bar, a quirky and relaxed blend that lends itself well to drinking, dining, and killing time. Oh, and the staff warrants a mention, too. This bar is legendary for smoking'-hot waitresses and barmaids wearing plaid miniskirts and plying you with drinks and the chain's humorous take on classic pub grub, including favorites like the French, We Mean Irish Dip and Drunken Clams. The bar features a standard variety of domestics along with a smattering of European options (Guinness, Smithwick's, Stella Artois). Unique cocktails include the Paddy Bomb and Tilted Tea. A serious selection of single-malt Scotch whiskeys gives connoisseurs something to savor while patrons around them tip back black-and-tans and ogle the waitresses.

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