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Trailhead Bike Shop and Cafe

6829 N. 16th St. Phoenix, AZ 85014 | Central Phoenix | 602-264-2328

Location Description:

Trailhead has the best concept around - part bike shop, part café, all the perfect hang. By providing good coffee, pastries and sandwiches right off of main cycling spots like Trail 100 and the Grand Canal this shop does a real service to bikers. Bike shopstend to be closed on Sundays but not Trailhead. They're there when you expect them to be whether you need a shot of caffeine or to fix a broken chain, complete with a comfy couch. The shop also leads weekly shop rides for both the road and dirt.

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Business Description

Here at Trailhead Bike Cafe we love to support all levels of cyclists. Whether you are a beginner, enthusiast, weekend warrior or seasoned racer we love knowing we have you covered. We focus on offering top-level professional service, in an environment that is fun and comfortable. There is no need to worry about bringing in you bike and asking any of our seasoned staff questions. Whether you have a flat tire, are in need of a tune-up or anything more advanced we can get you taken care of quickly and correctly.