McCain: Arizona Politics

  • Claire-Voyance

    John McCain trounced Claire Sargent in the '92 Senate race. Now he's doing the same in book sales

    October 07, 1999
    Until this fall, the only thing that Republican John McCain and Democrat Claire Sargent had in common was the fact that... More >>
  • John McCain's Fame is Based on His POW Status, But He Has Abandoned Fellow Veterans

    October 16, 2008
    If you want to know what it's like to be a veteran in John McCain's home state, stop by the Justa Center in downtown... More >>
  • McCain's Arizona Problem

    If the senator will listen, he might learn why he's trailing George W. Bush in his home state

    July 22, 1999
    Last week, John McCain's presidential campaign machine cranked out a press release touting the candidate's rise in a poll... More >>
  • The Clash of '98

    John Kaites and Tom McGovern — John McCain's and Grant Woods' hand-picked candidates for attorney general — are duking it out like schoolboys, while the Dems' Janet Napolitano goes to school on them

    August 27, 1998
    In an otherwise ho-hum political season, the GOP attorney general primary has emerged as the race to watch--as much for... More >>
  • Arizona and the Siege of the Rangers

    Cheer and flag clothing on the campaign trail, 1998

    June 11, 1998
    The dawn of a new campaign. It's 7:25 a.m., Tuesday, March 3, at the foot of the steps to Old Main, the University of... More >>
  • Waiting for McCain

    Is the nation's leading proponent of campaign-finance reform turning his back on a homegrown effort?

    May 14, 1998
    As one of the few Republicans in Congress to support a campaign-finance reform proposal--heck, he plastered his name all... More >>
  • Hee-Haw Politics

    Clinton won, Fife lost, and now state Dems have high hopes for '98. But they're in for a wild-ass ride

    December 04, 1997
    The old Democrat answers the phone at state party headquarters. He takes a message for party chairman Mark Fleischer. ... More >>
  • Best of Fife Vol. II

    Fife has done much in — and to — Arizona. We've been keeping track

    September 11, 1997
    Editor's note: In 1994, New Times printed Volume I of "The Best of Fife." The New and Improved Volume II incorporates the... More >>
  • Halloween VI: Election Fright!

    In the sixth congressional district, J.D. Hayworth and Steve Owens have run campaigns so devoid of content it's almost scary

    October 31, 1996
    Forgery. Lies. Organized crime. Multimillion-dollar transactions. Two guys in dark suits with expensive haircuts. It... More >>
  • Pols to the Wall

    October 27, 1994
    Rudman Flees, Sparks Fly Anyone who has driven through east Phoenix in the last year has seen Roger Rudman's... More >>
  • Paranoia Reigns

    Pissed at Joe's insanity, Senator John McCain makes it official: He endorses Saban.

    August 12, 2004
    If hundreds of angry phone calls and e-mails in response to my commentary on a harebrained MCSO raid in Ahwatukee are any... More >>
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