10,000 Leagues Below the Funk

DJ Tek Infection brings his mad drum 'n' bass skills to the Valley.

If you're digging the broken sound of breakbeats and the pulsating pound of drum 'n' bass, peruse the plethora of peeps who'll be spinning at 10,000 Leagues Below the Funk on Saturday, March 4. This massive aquatic-themed, rave-style event features three stages with more than a dozen DJs from around the Valley and across the nation, including NYC's Chris Forsyth (playing house), the Indiana drum 'n' bass duo Arsenic (consisting of Point of Reference and Tek Infection), and the Bay Area's Daum Bentley (a.k.a. Freaky Chakra), who'll blast out breakbeats. The local scene is represented by the likes of Redbird, Phonik, Ryan Treasure, and Defcon4. Admission is $20 at the door. Call 602-203-2867 the day of the show for directions and more info.

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