10 Anti-Religious Songs That May Be Inappropriate for Easter Dinner

Piss Christ
Piss Christ
Andres Serrano

Happy Easter, you degenerate rock 'n' roll fans. Most of you listeners of the devil's music probably only know Easter as the one major holiday that does nothing to shorten the workweek.

But, there actually is reason for the holy day. In case you didn't know, Easter commemorates the day when a man who may or may not have been dark-skinned rose from the dead a mere three days after dying at the hands of a power structure that eventually helped give rise to one of the world's largest and most powerful religions.

If you listen to popular music, you're halfway to Hell already, but if you want to hasten the trip, perhaps try putting on one of these songs while Dad is carving the Easter ham on Sunday.

John Lennon: "God"

The ex-Beatle famously loved taunting believers, and he's arguably history's only rocker who could get away with the shit he said and still be popular music's most revered figure. Sample lyric: "God is a concept . . . I don't believe in Jesus." Also check out his most famous post-Beatles composition "Imagine" ("... And no religion, too / Imagine all the people / Living life in peace").

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XTC: "Dear God"

Andy Partridge's neo-psychedelic pop band caused nary a ruffle until this 1986 semi-hit. Not surprisingly, his native England wasn't too happy about the tune, as some stores wouldn't stock the single. Sample lyric: "You're always letting us humans down . . . Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is just somebody's unholy hoax."

Tom Waits: "God's Away on Business"

The iconoclastic singer-songwriter and all-around badass also wrote "Chocolate Jesus," among several other tunes that could be potentially objectionable tunes to church-goin' folk. Sample lyric: "If you're looking for someone to pull you out of that ditch / You're out of luck / God's away on business."

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