10 Bands We Wish Would Break Up Already

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith
Luke Holwerda

While there are some bands that break up way before their time has come, several others outstay their welcome in the industry by years, if not decades.

Breaking up can actually help bands regain popularity and swing the momentum back in their favor. Here are 10 bands we'd like to see take a leave of absence, possibly permanently.

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10. Aerosmith If you ever want to be impressed with how good Mick Jagger looks for his age, keep in mind that Steven Tyler is four years younger. Aerosmith as a whole could still be remembered as one of the greatest rock bands of all time, but in the present, they look like a bunch of elderly women who've spent too much time in tanning beds and still wear the clothes they used to go out in decades ago. Actually, that's pretty much exactly who they are at this point (except for the whole "women" thing).

9. Backstreet Boys With the birth of a new generation of boy bands, some of the groups from years past decided to get back together to tour again or put out new music. Sure, that generation of boy bands introduced the world to Justin Timberlake, and we should all be thankful for that, but some things are better left in the '90s. Of course, this doesn't apply strictly to the Backstreet Boys, it goes for all aging pop bands who ran out of money and decided to reunite "for the fans."

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