10 Female Artists That Might Help Guys (sorta) Understand Girls

10 Female Artists That Might Help Guys (sorta) Understand Girls

I can't believe the things I decide to write about.

Women? Have I lost my mind? I know as much about women as I do about God--not jack. Yet I continue to study both. In fact, I suspect they are one and the same. Like most subjects in my studies, one of my primary teachers has been and continues to be my best friend, music. In fact, I'd give music almost as much credit as direct conversations and physical relationships for helping me potentially (that's as far as I can go) understand the smarter gender.

That doesn't mean every babe who's ever grabbed a mic has left a mark. In the opinion of this dumb guy, it takes a real woman to teach us about women. 

Read on, as yours geekly (hesitantly) presents Ten Female Artists That Helped Me Understand Women.

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The Chick Just Can't Hold Her Smoke

Admittedly, it took a while to even begin to want to try to understand girls.

You see, when you are a teenage guy - at least when I was a North Dakotan teenage guy - you want to be a tough guy. You need to be a tough guy. It's a tough place.

So you're not exactly trying to see things from the girl's perspective. You love 'em. You appreciate 'em. Lord knows you want to "really" appreciate them as often as possible, but you're not exactly trying to figure 'em out.

Back in those days, I couldn't have even written the sub-header below this, let alone the blog itself. Raging hormones don't exactly cushion a teenage boy's insecurity.

Musically, those hormones pushed me towards stuff that rocked. Period.

Which didn't exactly mean female artists. Women that rocked in the mid-seventies? There was Heart, The Pretenders... hmmm, I'm sure there were more, but you get the point. I wasn't seriously listening to many female artists (whatever I did hear was purely pop.)

You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman (Even Though I'm a Man)

But luckily, I matured (very slowly, and I'm still working on it). Nutty coaches, redneck cowboys, fearful conservatives, and step-dads (my old man was all four) quickly exposed how much ignorance a guy had to perpetrate to carry on the manly-all-the-time charade.

More importantly, I spent time with girls. Mom was cool, I had some great Aunts, and girlfriends were part of it... but girl friends were the biggest part.

Girls that weren't afraid to be themselves (I remember the first time one of my girl friends 'dropped trous' and peed in front of me. After the initial shock, I thought, "Wow, we really are friends"). Girls who would give you the honest perspective of a female counterpart.

I began to take a bit more interest in the female perspective. College helped for sure, as I continued to meet amazing women, and my list of female friends continued to expand.

And of course, I started to explore more and more female songwriters, singers, and musicians.

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