10 Hilariously Dated Videos Weird Al Has Parodied

10 Hilariously Dated Videos Weird Al Has Parodied

"Weird Al" Yankovic has been releasing parody videos since people have been releasing actual videos. He's made fun of decade-defining artists for four decades running. Through all that -- while one-hit wonders fall out of view and genres and styles are declared officially over -- he's remained a timeless figure.

Which doesn't mean his parodies have always been timeless. In honor of his Sunday visit to Mesa Arts Center, we've put together a list of 10 hilariously dated videos Weird Al has parodied. (And any Weird Al fan knows we could have come up with 10 different but equally dated ones.)

Dated doesn't mean bad -- if the songs weren't enjoyable, it'd be tough to get much out of the parodies. This is just a tribute to the increasingly ridiculous way in which Weird Al has avoided getting stuck inside any of the time periods he's committed himself totally to mocking.

1. "Mickey" - Toni Basil - 1983

This is how crucial Weird Al has been to post-MTV pop culture: His first video was a parody of "Mickey," one of the first MTV touchstones.

A you're-very-old reference point: I Love Lucy, the subject of this parody, had been off the air 26 years when "Ricky" came out. This parody is now 30 years old.

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