10 Most Awesome Fictional Rock Stars

10 Most Awesome Fictional Rock Stars
Naomi Lir

Who says a rock star has to be real to be awesome? With all of the movies, books and songs about the music industry (or otherwise featuring fake bands), there's a wide range of fictional musicians to love. Unlike real musicians, they'll never let you down by putting out a lame follow-up album or growing old in the spotlight.

Although we couldn't include any animated bands (cartoons wouldn't be that fun to hang out with), the Blues Brothers (not really 'rock star' types), or Andy Dwyer (Mouse Rat just never made it big enough), here are 10 fictional rockers way cooler than Chris Gaines.

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10. Scott Pilgrim Alright, so Scott Pilgrim wasn't the most important member of Sex Bob-omb, and he certainly wasn't the coolest (no one can compete with Kim), but is there any doubt that he made them rock the hardest? Plus, let's not forget that he led his group to dominate the craziest battle of the bands ever seen, all while dealing with some serious girl issues. Every great rock star has their relationship problems.

9. Reverend Strychnine Twitch What do you do when your little pop-punk band gets so big that you really can't play small or mid-size shows anymore? You create a ridiculous garage-rock band under a fake name and don't tell hardly anyone about it. The secret of Foxboro Hot Tubs might've been leaked before they could even put out their first album, but it doesn't make them any less awesome of a fake band.

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