10 Musicians Who Should Be Playing Coachella

Hey, we can have our dream Coachella reunions...
Hey, we can have our dream Coachella reunions...
Melissa Fossum

It's tough to complain about any Coachella lineup, but people inevitably do. Often bringing together some of the best rock, rap, EDM, and pop artists in the world, Coachella does a pretty good job of collecting many of the best of the best.

Since we're all whiny pessimists anyway, here are 10 artists who should've been toward the top of the bill for this year's Coachella.

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10. The Fugees Alright, we know this will never happen, but we can dream. Coachella has been the site of more than a few unlikely reunions, so why not add one more? Sure, most of the twentysomethings going to Coachella will only know one or two songs, but the soul of Lauryn Hill alone would offset some of those sorority girls with flower headbands.

9. Either Gallagher from Oasis Some things are just impossible. You've got a better shot at having all four Beatles play Coachella than getting Oasis back together right now. That said, either half would still be a welcome addition to the top of the bill. Maybe not a headliner, but a second-to-last type of slot could be a perfect fit.

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