10 Unearth Songs You Need to Hear

Photo from Metal Blade website

Many metal heads will know Massachusetts as the birthplace for many vital modern bands. There must be something in the chowder. Artists like All That Remains, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, and specifically, Unearth, all hail from the Bay State.

Unearth is currently on tour with Texas In July, Cruel Hand, and Armed For Apocalypse for The Oncoming Storm 10th Anniversary Tour. The tour run makes its way to Arizona at Pub Rock on June 15.

To celebrate the album's anniversary, here are 10 of the best songs from Unearth's discography.

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10. "My Heart Bleeds No Longer"

The first song off the band's debut album, The Stings of Conscience, started Unearth's career in a strong, brutal way. Looking back and listening to this song and the rest of the album, it's easy to tell the band still hadn't really found the sound it was trying for, like many first albums. While the album isn't as good as what came after, its raw sound helps it stand out from all of the future work.

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