11 Nintendo Songs from The '80s That Are Still Insidiously Catchy

You might not have been the same kind of nerd as I was. You might, you lucky devil, not have even been a nerd at all. But if you're wondering why a particular nerd subset is flying its goofy Legend of Zelda hats at half-mast today, wonder no more: Hiroshi Yamauchi, the no-nonsense businessman who turned a playing card company into an all-nonsense videogame titan, is dead. For those among us whose first musical loves had titles like "Overworld Theme"--well, it's a REALLY bad time to tell us about how badly the Wii U is selling.

In lieu of a black armband I've solemnly prepared this listicle, built to document the 11 insidiously catchy, NES-generated songs from Nintendo's golden age that I've been listening to ever since I heard the news. Important and related mourning fact: It's hard to remain solemn while you're listening to the theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.

11. DuckTales - The Moon (1989)

One of the first and most important disappointments to learn as a small child is this: Nearly every videogame based on a TV show or movie is terrible.


is the rare exception, which isn't too surprising given its Capcom pedigree.

The moon theme is universally considered the standout from its great soundtrack. I'm partial to The Amazon, but I'm not about to fight the moon fans on this one. They have way more skin in this game.

10. Contra - Boss Battle (1987)

I don't recognize this one at all without my character's strangled, endless death rattles drowning it out.

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