12 Bands for 10 Bucks

All our favorite local bands play weekend shows. Unfortunately, the shows aren't often at the same place. Traipsing from Tempe to Phoenix and back again in an attempt to catch more than one killer live set on a Friday night isn't fun -- at least not every weekend. But luckily, the Clubhouse Music Venue is making use of both of its stages this Friday, with a great lineup of local acts. Before Braille is a "Mesa rock" band (that means it sounds like Jimmy Eat World before arena tours). Mink Rebellion is a wild ride. The men in this band look like punk rockers (Murray's Hair Pomade in hand), but play guitar-driven pop -- think The Hives meet Unwritten Law. And Scary Kids Scaring Kids are set to release an album on Immortal Records. The band gets lumped in the screamo genre, but has intricate guitar work à la Norma Jean, and thought-provoking lyrics. Scary Kids are on the verge of going somewhere, so take one last opportunity to catch them early.

The only potential downside to this show is that it might sell out quickly.


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