12th Planet

12th Planet @ Stratus

Rock bands like Korn and Muse may be all about dubstep now, but even before emo rocker-gone-EDM-DJ Skrillex arena-rockified the genre, John Dadzie, better known as 12th Planet, was spreading the bass-heavy word. Let down by the drum 'n' bass genre's refusal to change, the DJ started exploring the emerging dubstep trend in England and brought said sounds to Everytown, America. "Yeah, totally," 12th Planet told New Times in 2011, "There were those guys that came before me, like Joe Nice and Dave Q over in New York and Baltimore. Those guys were already established in the scene, but I think I got to play a lot of the markets that dubstep was never in. Going to like Boise, Oklahoma, and Little Rock. I think I was one of the first people to go to those places and play dubstep like four, five years ago." As the sound has caught on, 12th Planet has seen a significant boost in profile. His 2012 EP, The End Is Near, features Skrillex, one always quick to give credit where it's due, and found the "U.S. dubstep godfather" playing to huge crowds.


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