20 EDM Songs We Don't Want to Hear in 2015

Sometimes songs are like a hit TV show. Let's use Dexter for example, since I really liked Dexter.

Everyone would have been satisfied if it would have ended at season five or six, after the Trinity killer, but no. They had to carry it out to eight seasons that slowly digressed to a point of incest and lumberjacks -- da fuck.

Sometimes music, specifically electronic music suffers the same tragedy. Everyone is so into a hit track when it comes out, that every DJ plays it, and plays it, and plays it....

Not that I have anything personal against any of the songs on this list, they have just drunkenly smashed my ears to the point that I don't feel anything for them anymore. It's not them, it's me.

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With all the subgenres -- Chicago house, house, deep house tropical house, electro house, progressive house -- and innovation happening in dance music, there is really no excuse to keep playing the same music anymore. So let sleeping dogs lie, and let's all move on from these festival and club bangers in 2015.

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All of the tracks on Calvin Harris' Motion In 2014 we learned two things about Calvin Harris: 1. He makes really catchy music, and 2. He has supermodel good looks (ice bucket challenge video). CH had a great year, he banged Victoria Secret models, had residencies at some of the world's biggest clubs, played music festivals, headlined a world tour and his album was a huge success. While I can't help but love some of the tracks on this album, it's time to give the other DJs their turn.

Lil John and DJ Snake, "Turn Down For What" This track was on everyone's pregame playlist in 2014, nothing seemed to quite define "I'm going to get really drunk and do drugs" more than the phrase "Turn Down For What" did. Everyone knows that now, and it's time for a new thing.

Martin Garrix, "Animals" Deadmau5 mocking the production of this track while mashing it up with "Ol Mcdonald Had a Farm" at Ultra Music Festival last year was one of the greatest things I've ever heard. If the song wasn't already dead before that, Deadmau5 put the nail in the coffin.

Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso ft. Ryan Tedder, "Calling (Lose My Mind)" Seriously, I will lose my mind the next time I hear this.

Any remix of Tove Lo's "Habits" Anyone who was going through a breakup when this track came out definitely got wasted and sang this song in public. While I do love the Hippie Sabotage remix of this track, and any song that beautifully depicts addiction and depression, this song was over before it really got started.

Cedric Gervais vs Lana del Rey, "Summertime Sadness" Lana del Rey is my guilty pleasure, but it would be cool to find a new summer song to be sad to in 2015.

Swedish House Mafia, "Don't You Worry Child" Am I the only person who is relieved that they broke up?

Avicii, "Levels" I've never liked "Levels," and I never want to hear it again.

Any remix of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" Just stop.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Martin Garrix, "Tremor" This track became a party anthem in 2014, while I still dig it, I think it's time for something new.

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