32 Leaves

While not unique, the songs on 32 Leaves' Welcome to the Fall would be ideal sandwiched between 3 Doors Down and Dark New Day on mainstream modern rock radio. By far the standout member of 32 Leaves is singer Greg Norris, whose beautiful vocals bring serenity to the sound and conjure references to A Perfect Circle's Maynard James Keenan. Welcome to the Fall's sound fluctuates between slower, heavy rock in the vein of Cold ("Never Even There") and Seether-like songs with simple, clean guitars for verses and power-chord-driven choruses ("Makeshift"). However, while the vocals and guitars are on point, the drumming is too simplistic, particularly in the opening solo on "Your Lies." It's nothing that can't be improved, though. If 32 Leaves can step up the drums, it may find its way onto the airwaves.


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