5 Bands You Should See at Vans Warped Tour

Warped Tour
Warped Tour
Ted Van Pelt via Flickr

The Vans Warped Tour offers an overwhelming selection of bands each year for its annual summer tour.

The problem with the all-day event is that you have to know going in to the event which artists to see. Because of the huge list of performances, it's impossible to watch them all. To help with that, here are five artists that will be worth getting to the show early to catch.

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5. This Wild Life - Acoustic/Pop

Starting off this list is This Wild Life, an acoustic duo that has a beautiful sound. While this isn't a group that you're going to circle-pit to, their music is peaceful and catchy. It's the kind of music that, beyond Warped Tour, is the perfect kind to listen to on a relaxing car ride to your next destination.

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