5 Best Jurassic 5 Songs

5 Best Jurassic 5 Songs

Jurassic 5 are alternative hip-hop pioneers. Their influence can be heard in the beats and verses of mainstream rap icons like OutKast all the way to local hip-hop groups like Phoenix's own Drunken Immortals. Though the band has never once gone platinum and have only once gone gold, their reunion was held at Coachella 2013, and as a follow up they played Glastonbury 2014.

Not all acts with such modest sales numbers are still widely regarded as classic hip-hop. Jurassic 5 will be playing a date at Tempe's Marquee Theater as part of their "Word of Mouth Tour" on July 19, and in preparation for their concert and their first trip to Phoenix in who knows how long, we will be pointing out Jurassic 5's top five songs.

1. "Concrete Schoolyard" A prime example of Jurassic 5's use of vocal harmonies to go along with a one of their most "chill" beats. It's a really smooth song off of their eponymous debut album, and the chorus of Gazoo's is something that contemporary hip-hop does not really allow for anymore. "Concrete Schoolyard" is just a great song that really highlights what J5 is all about. Socially conscious hip-hop that doesn't take itself too seriously, yet mellow and upbeat enough throw on at gatherings.

2. "What's Golden" "What's Golden" is a bit more of an upbeat dance track than a lot of J5's other songs but they stay true to their vocal harmonies and smooth sounds. The song is from their 2002 album Power In Numbers, on Interscope records. There is obviously more production behind Power in Numbers than their earlier work, but they still stick by the Jurassic 5 formula of having each lyricists take a verse, and then a collectively spoken chorus.

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