6 Worst Music Videos Shot in Laundromats

These days, music videos are essential to the whole music making process. It's one of the easiest, most effective ways to really burn into someone's head whatever you're trying to play. It also tends to make your lo-fi Bandcamp "release" more "official." And the best thing is, these days you can do it with a cell phone camera and some masks you bought at Party City. But if you want people to really pay attention to you, you might want to avoid these cliches. First up, music videos shot in your local laundromat. 

I guess I understand why so many videos (literally hundreds, it seems) are shot in Laundromats. They are generally well-lit, unsupervised, pseudo-public places that probably don't require permits to film in and feel both familiar and modest. But that doesn't mean your video won't totally suck there. Don't believe it? Take a look.

The Trip -- "Laundromat"

Um, so The Trip (some half-Canadian band that is apparently good at Frisbee) like filmed a fake porno and whatever? Cool. That's never been done.

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This song would almost get a pass because it's actually about laundromats and porn or something (almost everything else in this list is totally arbitrary), but then again, this song totally lacks subtly. It's pretty much the epitome of lame. 

Franz Ferdinand -- "Ulysses"

Franz Ferdinand have some really arousing, artsy videos -- more than a decade ago, "Take Me Out" introduced me to Dadaism and "Do You Want To" brilliantly mocked conceptual art with flair.

"Ulysses" has a lot going on, but there are still some washing machine scenes. Even though these shots are among the most boring in a pretty bland video, the song still excited me enough to want to go chill out in a Laundromat. So I did. It was boring as fuck.

Cloud Boat -- Carmine

What the fuck is going on here? Yeah, Laundromats can be kind of depressing, but this whole video looks more like a suicide watch ward. The song is mopey enough to get your wrist slittin' on, but filming it here just adds to how pathetic the whole idea is.

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