8 Best Karaoke Bars in Phoenix

Karaoke nights are like eating drunken pizza: inconsistent, pretty cheesy, but when it's on point, you've struck gold.

These nights are somewhat of an enigma in the nightlife biz. The crowd turnout is usually pretty hit or miss, and it's hard to pinpoint the catalyst for a successful night versus an unsuccessful one.

So how do you define the best? We narrowed down what I thought were the deciding characteristics of a good karaoke bar: entertainment value, the crowd, quality of singers, music selection, sound quality, screen viewability, MC/DJ, props, and instruments

Here are the Valley's best karaoke bars.

8 Best Karaoke Bars in Phoenix

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Go if: You want to party. Grapevine has been a long standing top-pick for karaoke in the Valley. The two story bar and restaurant offers a large down, and upstairs patio, with a main bar, seating and the location for karaoke inside the downstairs portion of the venue. I went on a Saturday, and the place was packed wall-to-wall. Grapevine seemed to attract an older, rowdy crowd of decent singers who were all pretty into it. The MC/DJ was enthusiastic enough for the high-energy crowd. There were also bongos available for bar patrons to slap on, which is always a plus.

A night at Ernie's Inn
A night at Ernie's Inn

Ernie's Inn

Go if: You like a crowd, but don't want to deal with Old Town. For me, Ernie's and Grapevine came pretty close to being equals. Ernie's karaoke space was much larger and attracted more of a mixed crowd of young and old. Almost everyone who was in the room was there for karaoke, the crowd was into it but not as rowdy as Grapevine. The set-up at Ernie's was pretty professional, with lighting, a large main screen and four smaller screens hanging below each side of the square shaped bar. The sound quality could have been better, and the singers were so-so.

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