9 Oddest Bands in Phoenix

Windup Conspiracy isn't even the weirdest band on this list.
Windup Conspiracy isn't even the weirdest band on this list.
Jeff Moses

Phoenix has a vast and eclectic music scene that encompasses bands of all genres. There is noise punk, metal, hip-hop, alternative hip-hop; hell, I once saw a band play a 15-pound chain at the Lost Leaf. Whatever sort of sound you may be looking for, I assure you someone in the Valley of the Sun makes it.

But not every form of music can fit into a specific genre. In fact, sometimes bands are so off the wall that you did not even know you liked the sound they make, because you had never heard that sound before. Sometimes an affinity for a band can have nothing to do with the sound they make, but more with the energy of their live performance.

Whatever it is that draws people to these musical oddities, some bands just make being weird sound so good. This list is a salute to the 9 oddest acts in the Phoenix music scene.

1.) RPM Orchestra

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What was once wiley Phoenix artist Pete Petrisco's one man recording project has morphed into a proto industrial americana band that at times enompasses up to seven musicians. The band is known for its "found sound" instruments like the typewriter, shortwave radio, and metal planters, and performs at events such as silent film screenings and interpretive dance recitals. No two RPM Orchestra sets are ever the same due to their heavy improvisation, as well as the fact that many of the tunes they play are not structured songs in the more traditional sense of the word. That's not to say they don't incorporate any traditional instruments. You might see a clarinet, as well as bass and guitar.

2.) Melted Cassettes

It is not so much music as it is an ocean of noise that one must swim through to pick up every sound. That is at least how one Melted Cassettes fan, Anthony Vandawalker, described the experimental noise duo. Like RPM Orchestra, none of the sounds that the Melted Cassettes make are generally considered music. In fact, the two bands share a mission in pushing the concept of what music is as far as it can go. One of the members of the group unfortunately headed west to California, but they still perform together via video connections.

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