9 Phoenix Frontmen and Frontwomen Who Will Make You Love Them

9 Phoenix Frontmen and Frontwomen Who Will Make You Love Them
Melissa Fossum

Pop music has a proud tradition of socially awkward lead singers -- the Brian Wilsons, the shoegazers, the Rivers Cuomos. They are not what this list is about.

This is about the other kind of frontman and frontwoman -- the one who gets inside your head or maybe right up in your face.

Garnet - Dry River Yacht Club

Dry River Yacht Club puts on a tremendous live performance. The eight-piece lineup is unbelievably entertaining, but what really brings it all together is the theatrical performance and operatic singing of lead singer Garnet.

Her delivery of the band's fantastical lyrics is obviously the crux of Garnet's appeal as a frontwoman. But it's much more than just singing the words as if she's on Broadway. Garnet really sets the vibe of her bands shows with attitude and attire, always bringing the crowd with her on her excursions into her colorful world.

For DRYC's release of its album El Tigre, the singer took the stage in a diamond tiara and the dress of a fairy tale princess. For Apache Lake Music Fest, it was a black dress and top hat that brought in a witchy vibe. Garnet is the total package as a frontwoman -- performing to the highest of standards and creating a unique setting where the crowd can enjoy it.

Ray Reeves - Ray Reeves and the Masters of the Economy

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Ray Reeves is hands down the most enthusiastic frontman in Phoenix.

Reeves can proficiently play just about any instrument you hand him, but nothing beats catching him and the rest of the Masters of the Economy performing, usually with members of other bands in tow and Ray at the front being the tornado of strange that he is.

The three-piece-suit-wearing, multi-instrumentalist madman is at his best in front of the mic, guitar in hand, yelling out his lyrics, though his famed police-siren electric drum solo is also a sight to behold.

His over-the-top brand of country (not Western!) music is indescribable by mere mortals. He took the Sun City Girls' cover of The Fugs' 1965 tune "CIA Man" and turned it into a seven-minute mind-bending psychedelic experience, ranting about the evils the "Cocaine Importation Agency."

After a period of time living in the Verde Valley, Reeves is back in Phoenix and acting as eccentric as ever while entertaining local crowds.

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